Thursday, March 7, 2013

This Weeks Library Reads: it's an animal orchestra!

This week's library reads are, The Big Woods Orchestra by Guido Van Genechten and Maestro Stu Saves the Day by Denise Brennah-Nelson and illustrated by Tim Bowers.

I wish I could say I planned it because both books are about animals and music but it was ironic too me, because I only had quickly glanced through the books at the library and loved the illustrations and got the gist of the story, but i didn't know until we got home the both books involve the sounds animals make. I guess the cover should have told me, but that's just being a busy Mom.

I love the illustrations in both books, The Big Woods Orchestra has very detailed illustrations of birds and is about how the woods come alive with sounds of birds at night and in the morning and how the other animals come to listen, Maestro Stu Saves the Day is a longer story with great illustrations of zoo animals and the story about how Maestro Stu and the animals use the animals music to save the zoo from becoming a mall! Although Maetro Stu Saves the Day is a longer read for parents it's easy to make this story fun for all ages with the sounds of the animals and the great illustrations. Your child will grow with this book and the book will grow with the child.

Get your baby a library card and share with us the books you are reading on Twitter, with the hash tag #bookswelovetoread @IsobellaJade

Whenever we leave the house, I always sing to Phoenix, We're going on a Bear Hunt, and also sing Susan Boynton's book Snuggle Puppy which has become a little nick name for my handsome little man. Carry the book with you through your day, in your mind, in your heart and share it with your baby as you learn and grow each day together.

~Isobella & Phoenix


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