Thursday, August 15, 2013

We are moving tomorrow to the Upper East Side

These are the books we've been reading this week while packing up the place. All our books are packed! except these, these are the ones we have left out and are reading this week. We read many of them often, the favorites stay unpacked until the last hours 

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Thursday, August 8, 2013

The title of my YA novel shows up on Sesame Street this morning!

Awww cool! this morning on Sesame Street Casey Afflect shared the word Careful, which made me smile because it's the title of the first book of my YA book series!

Do you watch Sesame Street with your baby too? I like Oscar the Grouch and Grover best.

Here are our morning nap reads, Phoenix fell asleep while I was reading The Fantastic Flying Books of  Mr. Morris Lessmore, books like these are longer and meant for an older set but they are perfect to read to your babright after you've shared some ABC's books and Color and Shapes and Animal books, they are perfect books to relax them to sleep before naptime and bedtime, remember it's really your voice and the way you are reading the story that puts them at ease though.


Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Library reads, Happy, Trains Go, Clip-Clop, Very Grand Things and Meet me at the Moon

Have you been reading this summer to your baby? 
At naptime I pick a few books for Phoenix ( along with Brown Bear Brown Bear in the mix) and we recently read Nightsong by Ari Berk and Loren Long, we also read Happy by Mies Van Hout which is a creative and cute book about emotions but the illustration of the fish representing the emotion "confused" or "glad" "surprised" etc. on the page doesn't do it for me, the reader should be prepared for some add-on sharing of how the emotion fits into your child's life...or your's. :) Mommy was *proud of you when you started walking...Mommy was *shocked the first time you lifted the toilet seat and stuck your hand in the water and swished it all around.
Here are more of our library reads this week.

Cowboy Small, this book is like a brother to The Brave Cowboy, he is busy on the range and roping and branding horses and fixing fences and living the cowboy life, only this cowboy isn't holding a gun in his holster.
Happy by Mies Van Hout is a book all about expression and emotions and it involves different fish showing you the emotion on the page. A simple but beautiful book that can become a conversational piece for you and your baby while you read together.

Trains Go by Steve Light (also a summer reading book at the New York Public Library),  this is a good book involving the different types of train and the sounds they each make. SWOOOOSH was my favorite sound.

Clip-Clop by Nicola Smee, the animals on the farm have a fun ride with their friend Mr. Horse and it's a cute book of the clippity clop sound that will inspire you to act like a horse and trot around your living room.

Very Grand Things a Winnie the Pooh book illustrated by Andrew Grey is a cute look and find book, on one page there are some very good things for a picnic, a bath, having a dinner with Pooh and his friends, and on the other side is the picture of it. Your job is to help your baby find the items on the page...can you find the brush...there it is...can you find the pot of honey...there it is.

Meet me at the Moon  is a sweet book about a mother who has to make a journey to the mountains to ask for rain and must leave her baby elephant for awhile, she tells her baby to notice the wind, the stars and the moon, to feel her Mama's presence. There are beautiful illustrations that share the bond of this baby and mother through the Wind, the Stars, the Moon.

We hope your summer reading adventures have been exciting and memorable.

Isobella & Phoenix

Have you got your baby a library card yet?

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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Adventures in the City


Phoenix started his weekend outings going to class which is LOVED!
We put him in the waddlers cause he is on the go

He got to hang from gymnastic bars and balance on a beam and had a blast!

PUNK to PARK: PUNK to PARK: The Punk Exhibit at the MET & a perfect run through the grass in Central Park

Sunday: Introduced paint this morning to Phoenix, just showing him the brush and paint and letting him touch it, sharing with him what it can do.

Went to the Central Park playground to play with the water fountains, the baby/toddler section has a great fountain that sprays at a level that is suitable for wee ones.

Then we went to the Children's Zoo at the Central Park Zoo to visit the goats, sheep and pigs. :)

Just bought dinner via the grand central market so cute. Grillin up some lemon chicken and zucchini tonight

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Goodnight sweet baby, a bedtime book for you to share: Meet me at the Moon

Sometimes we go to the library and just discover books. Pick a section and explore. The illustration of the elephants on the cover grabbed my attention. I shared this with Phoenix at naptime yesterday and it would be a perfect naptime or bedtime read to share with your baby or toddler.

Meet me at the Moon by Gianna Marino could be a sister book of The Kissing Hand. So if you liked The Kissing Hand get this one on your bookshelf too! A mother has to go on a journey to find water in the mountains and tells her little one to notice the Sun, The Wind and the Moon to feel her presence while she is away.

The illustrations are just as beautiful as the ones in The Kissing Hand and I'd love for them to become prints to buy to put in Phoenix's room.

Check out more of the author's work here:

Another reason why I liked this book: I LOVE the moon and looking at it and children's books that involve it.


Isobella & Phoenix