Friday, June 27, 2014

Best Baby Shower Books

A handful of favorites to give as gifts at a baby shower because among the cutest outfits and booties, reading to your baby is a precious and special experience that begins your child's love of books. These books are great for when your baby is an infant and all the way until they are the ones picking out the book to read. Inspire the love of reading. It can start the day the baby is born, that first night home, and the womb. Give the beautiful gift of life long reading. 

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Moms don't give up your beauty routine

A fellow Mom asked me today in our awesome music class, "How do you always look so put together with blush and all?" I told her, while Phoenix plays in the morning I run around back and forth getting dressed in about 10 minutes, because we don't leave until I'm ready for the day... And we gotta get out of the apartment and get busy! I believe you can still keep your mascara and be a Mom, I'm not giving up stuff like cute jeans, my jewelry, my long hair, my beauty routine, it just means learning to be quicker about it and sticking to the basics that work. Good foundation or powder, GOOD liner and Mascara, a stay-on lip gloss, and if there is time, a dash of blush. I usually put on earrings in the elevator if Phoenix is in a good mood I do my makeup once a day, maybe touch up if I'm awake enough to go out for dinner or meet the girls. Another thing, you gotta pick and choose, to have your face means you might not get to brush your hair, to have great hair means you might leave the house without earrings or eyelashes curled.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Fun at Children's Museum of Manhattan

New Christmas books for our babies and toddlers

Our new Christmas books & hoping to make them annual reads! More to come! It's good to introduce books to your baby or toddler that can become keepsakes to look forward to each year as they grow. Don't be afraid of longer books, we have a growing collection of books that are longer and have more detail in the story which are perfect for naptime and bedtime...anytime! 

Give your baby some books this Christmas...what books are you buying and sharing with your little ones this holiday season and New Year?

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Weekend fun

Weekends for us always involve discovering something or seeing something new.

Here are some Facebook and Twitter updates on family moments from the weekend:

was at the Kidville
 event this morning...Rockin Railroad concert, pizza and gym time :) Phoenix loves flinging himself into the "lava pit" I call it, jumping on the Tumbl Trak (and he sat SOO well at the table for a snack, which most landed on the floor but we had a nice time.)

Yesterday we did a family photo-shoot in Central Park: When you do a family photo-shoot with your infant or toddler, remember, you only have about a 20 sec interval to get the shots. And babies only typically have about a 20 min tolerance before they are done. HANDS are a big thing when holding a baby in a family group shot, have one of you hold the baby and another gently stand close and touch your babies arm or hand or your spouses, a bad positioned hand can ruin a shot. Practice in front of the mirror before shooting or have a plan...a few different concepts and QUICK position changes are key!

We were at the Frogs exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History

Our new books! Trains, Cookies and Snow! Reviews coming soon!


Friday, October 11, 2013

Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site

My homework this weekend is to learn the name of these trucks. Phoenix has been eyeing the construction on 2nd Ave and has seen a few of these...I need to be ready to say...that's a bulldozer next time! Plus it's a good book, very creative and great rhymes through the story and the pages feel good in my hands too. Production wise it's also a beautifully done book.