Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Weekend fun

Weekends for us always involve discovering something or seeing something new.

Here are some Facebook and Twitter updates on family moments from the weekend:

was at the Kidville www.helpusadopt.org
 event this morning...Rockin Railroad concert, pizza and gym time :) Phoenix loves flinging himself into the "lava pit" I call it, jumping on the Tumbl Trak (and he sat SOO well at the table for a snack, which most landed on the floor but we had a nice time.)

Yesterday we did a family photo-shoot in Central Park: When you do a family photo-shoot with your infant or toddler, remember, you only have about a 20 sec interval to get the shots. And babies only typically have about a 20 min tolerance before they are done. HANDS are a big thing when holding a baby in a family group shot, have one of you hold the baby and another gently stand close and touch your babies arm or hand or your spouses, a bad positioned hand can ruin a shot. Practice in front of the mirror before shooting or have a plan...a few different concepts and QUICK position changes are key!

We were at the Frogs exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History

Our new books! Trains, Cookies and Snow! Reviews coming soon!