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We recently read Bluebird by Bob Staake and tips on reading wordless children's books

I was impressed by the children's book Bluebird by Bob Staake recently but at first glance it was just a book with a bird on each page, okay, um, kinda boring , a wordless picture book? Boy was I wrong.

You might think, "How do I read a wordless book to my baby?" Well, it's about being a bit creative.

When I read picture books, which are fun for little hands to rip up, I put Phoenix in the jumper, so he can sit and jump and listen and I can sit back a little and hold up the book for him to see the illustrations, but not touch. Take in with his heart.

While Phoenix looked at the illustrations of Bluebird I created the words based on the actions on the page, the illustrations had a unique graphic feel with blues and grays and reading this book was sort of like reading a graphic novel.

When reading this story of a bird and boy I used a similar tone that I use when reading The Giving Tree.

I would say, "The bird is following the boy, the bird is on the mailbox waiting for the boy, the bird is ontop of the street sign looking down at the boy and the people walking by."

The boy ends up in Central Park. I love that this book is a New York City book, by the way.

"The bird and the boy go to the park and the boy buys a sailboat and plays with it in the pool."

The bird gets hurt when a bunch of mean boys, bullies, attempt to steal the boy's sailboat and the boy is deeply sad about this. I was sad too, shocked, my tone of voice for sad and Phoenix noticed. The poor bird.

Then a flock of birds of all different colors (a perfect moment to share the colors of each bird with your baby) appear and help the boy bring the bird to heaven, or into the clouds where his soul is set free.  Or to wherever you want to say the bird goes is up to you. The boy goes up high in the sky too...

You can create your own words to go with the illustrations as you read to your baby, and let the illustrations guide you and use your own imagination to intrigue your baby. By watching, looking, observing there is so much to take in and see and share together.
Phoenix loved it when I said the word bluebird over and over, he giggled so hard each time. :)

When reading use your tone of voice to enhance emotion and your facial expressions, suddenly a wordless book becomes a special moment to bond with your baby.

~Isobella & Phoenix

Did You Know:  Get ready, Saturday morning storytelling at the Hans Christian Andersen statue in Central Park begins in June, I plan to check it out with Phoenix and will review for the check out the schedule here:  Central Park and 72nd street

Don't let your baby hold you back, instead engage your baby in all you want to do. I understand that it's tough when you become a parent and you have to say no to the things you did when you were just you, but get into the mindset that you as a parent can still enjoy the things you used to enjoy. Go to museums, go to events, go to that sample sale for Jimmy Choo's (just get there early cause the line is CRAZY) and live your life together in joy and observe and discover and do something exciting together each day, exciting can be something simple too, like touching the bark of trees at the park, something I love to do with my son because the texture of trees feels so cool. Also, it's okay to bring your baby in adult situations, I mean come on of course ALL places but there is a lot to do and your baby can come along as long as you are prepared make sure baby is already fed, changed, happy and know where the exits or bathrooms are just in case...but I think it's great to take your baby to museums especially, and I love singing twinkle, twinkle little star as Phoenix looks at Starry Night, here are some books I say on based on taking your kids to the museum:


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PBBC Children's book giveaway of the beautiful book Plant a Kiss! Twitter/Facebook photo contest!

Enter to win the book Plant a Kiss by Amy Krouse Rosenthat and illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds!

This is an adorable story about kindness and generosity; it starts with  a girl who plants a kiss and shares it with the world. ( I think it's a great book for both boys and girls, especially now that the weather is warming up and it's also a touch-and-feel book because the *kiss* is embossed sparkles on the page.)

Twitter/Facebook photo contest! Submit by taking a photo of a beautiful plant or flower you see this week and share it with us on Twitter. (If you have a baby/toddler, sure of course, they can be in the shot too, hehe, let's spread around the beauty found in nature.)

On Twitter send your photo to @IsobellaJade

Use the hashtag #plantkiss

On Facebook tag me in your photo post with "Plant a Kiss" in the description of the photo.

Our Plant a Kiss photo contest starts now 5/17 ends 5/25

Phoenix and beautiful flowers in Central Park on Mother's Day
( I'll throw in a copy of my YA novel Careful to the winner, or choose any of my books.)

We hope your Spring has been fun and filled with great memories in the great outdoors with your babies, family and friends,

Cheers to Sunshine days and when it rains don't let it stop your fun, go to the museum and let your baby be delighted with the colors of the paintings!

~Isobella & Phoenix

Check out Plant a Kiss on
Check out Plant a Kiss on Amazon too.

We love reading in the park!

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Park Playtime: what are you and your baby reading in the park?

Phoenix playing in Madison Square Park
It's a great to bring a book ot two to the park this Spring and Summe to read to your baby or toddler. We love the parks in NYC and visit them very often, and we always bring a book. A good way to remember a book is to keep it in your stroller basket or in your diaper bag.

Remember even if your baby is on the go, very busy exploring the park while working on walking, you can still read to him during more relaxed moments, your baby is always listening and it might get hard for your baby to sit still but fill your babies ears with words from books you love and create a word of the day or week from the books you read together.

I love the park with Phoenix because together we can discover nature, touch the bark on the trees, smell the flowers and play in the sunshine, and it's the best free fun ever! I get a work out too chasing Phoenix as he crawls around.

Phoenix playing in Madison Square Park

In our Kids at Work Music class, the Raffi song Baby Beluga inspired me to buy the book for Phoenix with the lyrics and it's now in our stroller basket along with this 1, 2,3 NYC counting book from my sister for Mother's Day.

Phoenix playing and reading in Bryant Park
Mix up your playtime with reading time, create your own storytime in the park.

Enjoy your fun in the sun,
~Isobella & Phoenix

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

We tried out My Gym and loved it

Climb every mountain, hold on tight, give it a good smack and rise to the top! Phoenix had a blast at this week, fitness for babies! Great for active babies like my little one.


Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day, the best feeling in the world is being a Mom! Phoenix and my husband and I shared a Carriage Ride in Central Park, the zoo, the carousel and crawling around in the grass.


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Riding the Ferris Wheel at Toys R Us and Moosiki Kids music class!

The rain didn't keep us from fun today, we went on the ferris wheel at Toys R Us in Times Square and went to a class! which was awesome! Laura brings a classical edge to jamming out and Phoenix got to even play the piano...oh he jammed! It was cool for him to feel the vibrations of a piano and feel inclined to press the keys and create some music!


baby eating solid foods = introducing books with food themes

We've been reading books about food, along with The Very Hungry Caterpillar we've been reading other books that involve food, especially the touch and feel type books like Mealtime that can inspire me to pull out certain foods and let Phoenix touch them in real life.

Phoenix has been eating a lot of solid food, he loves bananas, avocados and peaches and we just started with cheerios, he eats a ton of them!

When we are traveling around the city, I use these OXO Tot blocks to carry homemade baby food and cheerios and we also love Plum Organics too.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Mommy and me Museum, Parks, Music Class adventures & more

Okay, gotta post this soon, we are already into May! These are some of our April Museum, Park, Music class and play adventures.  Math Museum, MOMA, Central Park, Swings in Madison Square Park, Carousel in Bryant Park, Macy's Flower Show and Kids at Work Music class, the BIG piano!



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