Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Park Playtime: what are you and your baby reading in the park?

Phoenix playing in Madison Square Park
It's a great to bring a book ot two to the park this Spring and Summe to read to your baby or toddler. We love the parks in NYC and visit them very often, and we always bring a book. A good way to remember a book is to keep it in your stroller basket or in your diaper bag.

Remember even if your baby is on the go, very busy exploring the park while working on walking, you can still read to him during more relaxed moments, your baby is always listening and it might get hard for your baby to sit still but fill your babies ears with words from books you love and create a word of the day or week from the books you read together.

I love the park with Phoenix because together we can discover nature, touch the bark on the trees, smell the flowers and play in the sunshine, and it's the best free fun ever! I get a work out too chasing Phoenix as he crawls around.

Phoenix playing in Madison Square Park

In our Kids at Work Music class, the Raffi song Baby Beluga inspired me to buy the book for Phoenix with the lyrics and it's now in our stroller basket along with this 1, 2,3 NYC counting book from my sister for Mother's Day.

Phoenix playing and reading in Bryant Park
Mix up your playtime with reading time, create your own storytime in the park.

Enjoy your fun in the sun,
~Isobella & Phoenix

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