Friday, November 30, 2012

(Video) Phoenix read The Foot Book by Dr. Seuss

One of my best childhood friends gave this book to us.  It was fun to grab Phoenix's feet as we read The Foot Book by Dr. Seuss. Left foot right foot, left foot, right. I have a small sized book and it's great for the diaper bag too.


The Phoenix Baby Book Club launch!!

Phoenix was born on September 27th 2012 and we even brought books to the hospital with us, and only a few days after bringing him home we read him Dr. Seuss's ABC's.
I was already posting photos of Phoenix and the books we were reading on Facebook and the response of "likes" inspired me to start this blog. Although Phoenix is now just two months old it's never too early to read together. We read books every day in the morning and usually in the evenings each day too. We both enjoy it, Phoenix observes each page and my husband and I get some precious close time with our son and each reading session is a foundation to his learning and self-growth too. 
We're happy to share this great big beautiful world with him and share the great big exciting world of books with him.
The books we read are not just typical baby books, yes, we have the ABC's and 123's and animal, shapes and color books which we love but also thrown in are books beyond the basic baby book.
Phoenix hears our voices reading and we believe it will lead to a life long love of reading and the books aren't goo goo gaga because in real life we don't talk like that. We read books that involve lessons of kindness and compassion, independence, adventure and determination.
Phoenix may be little, but in his eyes we see how much he already loves books.
Having my first baby has let me travel back in time to my childhood memories of reading and revisit my favorite books but also I get to discover some great books for the first time. Like Ferdinand.
At Phoenix's Baby Book Club imagination soars and we hope our book features inspire your own reading sessions and that you enjoy the books we love to read!
~Isobella & Phoenix
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Daddy reads to Phoenix Bear Snores On