Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy 2013! Phoenix has brought such happiness to my life and makes me feel beautiful in a new special way found in motherhood :) cheers to all the mamas out there and babies everywhere!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Teach your baby colors with your favorite sports team

Never miss an opportunity to remind your baby of the colors of your favorite sports team! Last night it was Let's Go Orange and Blue. It's great to repeat the colors when they score or get a touchdown!

Any color shirt your baby wears any day of the week can be another moment to teach your baby colors. Never dress your baby in silence it's a great time to talk about the colors the baby is wearing or count as you dress your baby. Makes dressing more fun, and can be helpful and distracting in a good way, especially if your baby gets fussing when you are getting his arm through the shirt hole :)
Let us know what you're reading:

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Phoenix visits Children's Museum of the Arts

Back from a two week visit in Texas over the Christmas holiday, Phoenix is already on the go hitting the streets in Manhattan again! 

Phoenix visited the Children's Museum of the Arts in SoHo this afternoon, the clay bar was cool! 

Just because your child is a baby it doesn't mean he/she can't enjoy the surroundings of art and culture, expose your baby to the world around you! :) Let them see it all!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Phoenix's first time reading on the iPad

Our first iPad book download was Dr. Seuss 1 Fish 2 Fish Red Fish Blue Fish and Yertle the Turtle by Oceanhouse Media, and I really LIKED how the words in the story were repetitive when you touched the illustration on each page. I'm not saying I like this more than print books but it is handy when you are traveling and on the go for reading sessions with your baby or child. Phoenix did like to touch the screen as you can see! 

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Phoenix and my new iPad!! Yay baby ebooks!!

I was looking for the baby monitor and I found my Christmas present by mistake! It was being charged and now it's my favorite gift! Well, besides the incredible gift I received almost three months ago of being a mother! I've enjoyed motherhood soooo much and love my little Phoenix so greatly, he is my sweet love.

Phoenix and I will be soon downloading some baby book apps and reading on my new iPad!! Yay!!! We will keep you posted :) HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!

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Monday, December 17, 2012

Phoenix visits Joel Osteen's church

This past week Phoenix went to his very first church service at Joel Osteen's Lakewood church. It was intense and awesome and full of positivity. 

From the service: 

...stay on your victory channel. Train your mind to remember the good" - Joel Osteen

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Phoenix's ABC Bible

We bought this book at Joel Osteen's Lakewood church in Houston yesterday, it's a fun way to share the stories of the bible with Phoenix and also the ABC's.

12 days of Christmas in Texas Phoenix

Our 12 days of Christmas in Texas with Phoenix : 
Over 12 outfits 
11 breastpump parts
10 travel size baby items, shampoo, powder, lotion, etc.
 9 baby q-tips
8 bottles of supplement formula
7 pairs of socks
6 baths
5 hours of sleep
4 bottles and 4 bibs and 4 baby books
3 pacifiers and 3 mittens
2 boxes of wipes
1 huge box of diapers, the BabyBjorn carrier and carseat. 
And one happy happy baby!

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Friday, December 14, 2012

Phoenix reads Your Personal Penguin

Phoenix recently read Your Personal Penguin by Sandra Boynton. This is a sweet book to share with your baby it's about caring for another and being there for them and walking right beside them :) my favorite illustration was the penguin and hippo in a a hot air balloon -I'd like that as a print for Phoenix's wall :) you can also listen to the song that goes along with the book by going to

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Phoenix reads Numbers, Colors, Shapes by Priddy Books

This is a fun read to introduce your newborn to more than Numbers, Colors, Shapes, because while you go through the book it will also share animals, foods, toys, and clothing items like socks and accessories like boots and sunglasses and umbrellas, which all make for great conversation and learning for your baby too.

Here are a couple pages we especially enjoyed.

(...Btw, that's the monkey we got Phoenix at the Bronx Zoo before he was born Phoenix.)

I love that the book also shares landscapes.

So the book is so much more than sharing the colors and shapes and numbers, and it's a book you can read to your baby a million times and you both will never get bored of it.

That's what I like!

It's never too early to look and learn!


Isobella & Phoenix

P.s: We got this book the same day we bought 100 First Animals at Barnes and Noble in Union Square (NYC).

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Phoenix reads Dr. Seuss's ABC's

Phoenix was read Dr. Seuss's ABC's right after he was born and we continue to read it to him often.

(Phoenix a little over a week old)

My favorite part is when we land on the page "Big P little p what begins with P?"

And I can say Phoenix!

(Although I will be teaching him the PH sound of course.)

The words just might make you laugh and surely will inspire smiles from your baby, the sound of Sammy sipping soda pop is a smile maker. The illustrations are cute and funny and show an action with Seuss-style characters that relates to the "letter."


It's a good book to cuddle up with and read before bedtime too.

~Isobella and Phoenix

Phoenix visits Inside the Lion King exhibit

My little Simba and I visit The Lion King exhibit featuring costumes from the musical today, Phoenix was the youngest one there most likely, and he enjoyed it, looking at everything. Expose your baby to the colors and art and craftsmanship of all kinds :) never too young!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Phoenix reads The Story of Ferdinand

 At first when we read The Story of Ferdinand by Munro Lead and Illustrated by Robert Lawson I didn't understand the message of the story, to me it wasn't that clear...was it about a bull doing his own thing under the cork tree and being different or fighting? I suppose the book is about choosing not to fight and instead choosing to be peaceful, but the message isn't extremely clear. Still, these are the things I love about the book:

1. It takes place in Spain and it's fun to read to your kids about a place beyond the country we live in. The book mentions the bull fight in Madrid, which I thought was cool, although I thought it was odd for the bull not to want to fight, and not wanting to participate in the country's tradition.

2. The book makes me want to discover children's books from other countries.

3. The beautiful and clever illustrations, the one with the bee about to sting Ferdinand made me giggle. The illustrations are black and white whichi might not seem appealing to babies who are attracted to bright colors but give it a try, the black and white illustrations are so lively and fun. I love the little details and it makes me want to buy Phoenix a print of some pages to frame on the wall.

Find it at here.

Reading Rocks!
Isobella & Phoenix

Monday, December 10, 2012

Babies CAN sit still and enjoy a book: Tips on how to read to your baby

Recently at a baby laptime and storytime experience I mentioned to another mom how I wished the storytime involved more books, and a mom told me how babies can't sit still that long. Um, well I kindly smiled but added that Phoenix loves to read books and hear the ABC's.  Apart of me was astounded at her comment, does that mean she doesn't read to her baby? I was holding back my eyes from getting wide and eyebrows rising in an upset way!

It got me thinking that parents might not read to their babies because they THINK the baby just can't enjoy it and sit there quietly. Well I'm here to prove you wrong! It does involve your involvement but it is possible to have a special and meaningful, fun reading time with your baby.

Don't prevent your baby from enjoying books by thinking babies can't sit still. Babies CAN sit still and enjoy a book.. And if your baby is squirmy, that's okay, try to get them to look at the page, but even if they are not taking in the illustrations they can still hear your voice. Be patient and keep trying. It's all about HOW you read it to them and here are some tips.

First, I want to tell you that we don't pose Phoenix for storytime and then I take the photo of him to show you on this blog, no way, we get comfy and we present the book to him, tell him it's time to read an exciting book about ____and he chills and we read to him. Your baby can do it too!

While reading he leads the way with his eyes gazing on each page. We turn when he is ready for the next page, giving him time to see the illustrations. We simply give him the opportunity to enjoy a book and he absorbs it.

We place the book infront of Phoenix and sit aside him while we read, or hold the book in front of him and read the book (sometimes having to read it upside down), so Phoenix can get the full experience. Phoenix sits there and takes in the story, as we read to him we also share with him what the illustrations are doing and how they relate to the story. If Phoenix seems uninterested in storytime then we give him a little time to look toward the page of the book or we try again later.

While reading add other comments that relate to the page to make it exciting. In the book Bear Snores On the story involves many other animal characters, a mouse lighting twigs to make a "hot spark," a hare, a badger, a gopher, a mole, a wren and a raven, animals I also haven't seen or talked about in a long time which also make it a fun read for me too, but you can also make these animals more memorable by pointing to each animal and making sure your voice highlights the "new animal" entering the story with a "ooo" or "ahhh."

This is just what we do but I bet it will make your reading time with your baby more interactive and more fun for you too.

On page 1 the illustration shows us that it's snowing, so it's great to include while reading the story, "Look at the snow!" And then "Look at the bear in the cave." Repeating what the words on the page have just read, "In a cave in the woods, in his deep dark lair, through the long, cold winter, sleeps a great brown bear."

And when the hare and the mouse pop white corn and brew black tea you can always add to your reading, "Look there's the teapot, look there's the cup of black tea, look there's the popcorn."

And like Phoenix your baby will notice each detail in the book as he/she will begin to also notice the details of our beautiful world. :)

Cheers to Life Long Reading!




Sunday, December 9, 2012

Inside baby Phoenix's Christmas Stocking

Phoenix has had quite a holiday season so far.
He met and posed with Victoria's Secret models during the holiday promo in Herald Square, and he met actor Dominic Chianese and Santa at Macy's but there's more...
We are traveling to Texas for the holidays so some of these stocking stuffers will be enjoyed afterwards. If this Penguin rattle arrives before we leave though, it's coming with us, along with Brown Bear, Brown Bear. :)

This Penguin Lamaze High-Contrast Bend and Squeak Toy ($6.63, Amazon) is so cute and also Phoenix (10 weeks) is already grabbing things and loves his Firefly Lamaze toy. Small and squeaky, this rattle is great for the stroller and at home.

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? by Bill Martin Jr, Eric Carle

Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Rock-a-Stack, ($7.99, Amazon) I remember this as a kid and I'm excited to play with these rings with Phoenix. He will enjoy the way the different size rings fit ontop of eachother, 1, 2,, orange, yellow, green, blue...and the bright colors will grab his attention, he'll want to grab onto the rings and talk (coo) about it.

I went to Etsy to search for a personalized wall sign for baby Phoenix and we are now looking forward to our personal carved wood wall hanging sign from the signcarver shop ($4.99 Etsy)

This Personalized Custom Star Christmas Ornament is cute and meaningful to hang on our star-styled wall for Phoenix and it's exciting to buy items that have your baby's name, first letter and initials on it.  ($12.00, Etsy)

These baby ties from Children's Place are so dapper!  This plaid tie and striped blue tie are adorable, and yes after the New Year I will be posting photos of Phoenix wearing them while reading his books.


Phoenix also recently got a couple early Christmas gifts: this jumperoo (he'll be using it soon) and this highchair.

Happy Holidays!
Isobella and Phoenix

P.s: By the way, on Etsy, I saw these really cute personalized wood name train sets from TimberToys.

And Mommy got a Kate Spade Diaper Bag for Christmas from Daddy, it's like this one but leather, SOOOOO love!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Phoenix reads Little Blue Truck Leads the Way and visits Santa!

Well, although we forgot to wear our caps when we read Caps for Sale but Phoenix has some really cute caps and he wore one when we read yesterday afternoon when we read Little Blue Truck Leads the Way by Alice Schertle.

We love this book and have the board book size which is easy to bring with us around the city too. Phoenix enjoyed looking at the great illustrations by Jill McElmurray and all the details, the tree, the birds on the wires of the poles, the stars, the motercycle going over the bridge, buses and more became extra points to mention to Phoenix while we read. I especially loved the illustration with the bird's-eye view of the city and finding the Little Blue Truck among the traffic jam.

Since we live in the city, I also like that city scape and the city concept of it being busy, loud and crowded and the lesson of patience and taking your turn in this book.  Also I'm petite/short so the book based on a short statured underdog truck was really great! We are going to have to check out other books by Alice Schertle, I'm a mom intrigued! Then my husband read the book to Phoenix again and he liked it too.

Check it out for the Nook too or Kindle here.

Phoenix also visited Santa at Macy's yesterday too!

We hope your Christmas stocking is filled with books! Happy Holidays!

~Isobella and Phoenix

Let us know what you're reading and send a pic of your baby enjoying the book for a chance to be featured on the Phoenix Baby Book Club Blog  or to

P.s. we bought the book at Barnes and Noble Fifth Avenue.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Phoenix reads Caps for Sale

Caps for Sale! Fifty cents a cap!


I think I might have heard of Caps for Sale by Esphyr Slobodkina from Reading Rainbow when I was a kid and I loved the story of the man who's caps get stolen by monkeys and the monkey see monkey do aspect of the book. I also like that the man is a peddler salesman and most likely an entrepreneur, right! Maybe he makes these caps by hand himself!

I also have worn a cap for over 10 years that I bought when I first moved to New York, here is a photo of myself wearing it during my honeymoon in Italy.

Reading Rocks! Rock on!
~Isobella & Phoenix

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Phoenix reads B is for Babar alphabet book

It's Babar's 80th anniversary and this alphabet book called B is for Babar caught my eye at Books of Wonder on 18th street a couple weeks ago. The book is great for sharing the characters of the Babar series but also uses each letter in bold more than once while explaining what the character likes to do or enjoys. Ex: Celeste wears a crown in the car.

You can also find the book on Amazon here, here and IndieBound here.
Happy reading!
Isobella & Phoenix

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