Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Phoenix reads First 100 Animals by Priddy Books

We are traveling to Texas for the holiday and I wanted to get a couple books that are small board book size and easy to travel with, and I found a great animal book called First 100 Animals by Priddy Books at Barnes and Noble in Union Square.

Get First 100 Animals for your Nook here!

In our toy basket we have a lion stuffed animal as well as an owl, moose and others so I use the stuffed animals and toys to show Phoenix when the name of the animal comes up in the book as another reference.

After reading the first 100 animals we watched The Lion King and can also find many of these animals on TV shows or at the zoo. The circle of life, the circle a book can create.

A video of Phoenix checking out First 100 Animals.


Phoenix loves looking at the world, looks at everything and he is so curious about the world.

Some parents might think hearing the ABC's being sung or counting numbers is too advanced for newborns but we don't, cute baby songs are fun...peek a boo I see you, but from day one we've been also reading words big and small in books big and small, and I sing the alphabet song or count outloud to ten while changing him and getting dressed in the morning.

Babies can handle more than only hearing nursery rhymes, in fact your voice is so exciting and interesting to them, hearing your voice talk and read outloud is what inspires your babies to talk and express themselves.

By the way, we signed up for Barnes and Noble's Kids Club today, you should too, join free here: https://kids.barnesandnoble.com/kidsclub/

Check out other exciting Priddy Books here: http://www.priddybooks.com/
And here is the Priddy Books Blog: http://blog.priddybooks.com/

We hope you have a memorable holiday season!

Happy Holidays!

~Isobella & Phoenix

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