Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Phoenix reads The Story of Ferdinand

 At first when we read The Story of Ferdinand by Munro Lead and Illustrated by Robert Lawson I didn't understand the message of the story, to me it wasn't that clear...was it about a bull doing his own thing under the cork tree and being different or fighting? I suppose the book is about choosing not to fight and instead choosing to be peaceful, but the message isn't extremely clear. Still, these are the things I love about the book:

1. It takes place in Spain and it's fun to read to your kids about a place beyond the country we live in. The book mentions the bull fight in Madrid, which I thought was cool, although I thought it was odd for the bull not to want to fight, and not wanting to participate in the country's tradition.

2. The book makes me want to discover children's books from other countries.

3. The beautiful and clever illustrations, the one with the bee about to sting Ferdinand made me giggle. The illustrations are black and white whichi might not seem appealing to babies who are attracted to bright colors but give it a try, the black and white illustrations are so lively and fun. I love the little details and it makes me want to buy Phoenix a print of some pages to frame on the wall.

Find it at BN.com here.

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