Thursday, December 13, 2012

Phoenix reads Numbers, Colors, Shapes by Priddy Books

This is a fun read to introduce your newborn to more than Numbers, Colors, Shapes, because while you go through the book it will also share animals, foods, toys, and clothing items like socks and accessories like boots and sunglasses and umbrellas, which all make for great conversation and learning for your baby too.

Here are a couple pages we especially enjoyed.

(...Btw, that's the monkey we got Phoenix at the Bronx Zoo before he was born Phoenix.)

I love that the book also shares landscapes.

So the book is so much more than sharing the colors and shapes and numbers, and it's a book you can read to your baby a million times and you both will never get bored of it.

That's what I like!

It's never too early to look and learn!


Isobella & Phoenix

P.s: We got this book the same day we bought 100 First Animals at Barnes and Noble in Union Square (NYC).

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