Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Phoenix read Nightsong by Ari Beck and it's a special and meaningful picture book for babies and all ages

I have a thing for darkness, before Phoenix was born I was a night owl, up till 3 a.m. often working, thinking, writing, doing my thing. Now I'm a farmer, up before the crack of dawn with my little bundle who is so excited, kicking and grabbing for my face and everything else, ready to take on the new day!

At the bookstore I noticed this book because it has a sense of darkness to it and I was intrigued to flip through it, a little bat with a dark background on the cover, simple, powerful, cute. Perfect! Within two pages I was hooked.

I have a new love for bats after checking out Nightsong by Ari Beck and illustrated by Loren Long recently at the bookstore and I love how this book starts off talking about the senses and using them to "help you make your way in the world, as little Chiro takes his first night flight alone his mother reminds him to sing, and his song will help him find his way.

"What is sense?" The little bat asked.
His mother folded him in her wings and whispered into his waiting ears, "Sense is the song you sing out into the world, and the song the world sings back to you..."


This is Phoenix's chill spot. I sit on that white pillow and we entertain eachother all day.
The illustrations are based on the darkness and shadows and what bats see. I like the "bat perspective" of how the trees and branches look at first like hands to Chiro and how the telephone wires are "strange lines of noise," to Chiro. He is using his senses during his first flight!

This book is about being brave and not letting yourself miss a great experience because your afraid of the unknown. It's about going out in the world and finding your way and peace, as Chiro does.  In the unknown you can find something new, something beautiful, something special, like your confidence.

Chiro needs to be a stuffed animal by the way Mr. Beck! Scroll down here to see illustrations from Nightsong.

Fly on!

Isobella & Phoenix


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