Friday, February 22, 2013

Phoenix read Otis by Loren Long

Phoenix read Otis by Loren Long this week, the little calf sitting under the apple tree with the tracker Otis reminded me a little of Ferdinand the bull sitting under the cork tree in Spain.

Loren Long is the illustrator of the book Nightsong, which we really loved.

Otis is about a little ol' trackor who works on farm and becomes best pals with a little calf and she follows Otis around everywhere and falls alseep to his "putt puff puttedy chuff" each night. They love to sit under the apple tree together and "watch the farm below." One day the farm gets a new tractor and Otis is put away behind the barn and is considered old and beat up but the new yellow tractor doesn't impress the calf and she misses Otis and sits with him although he doesn't feel like running around and playing anymore.

On a hot summer day while cooling off in the mud pond the little calf gets stuck in the mud and can't get out. The big tractor tries to save the day but only scared the poor calf and she sinks deeper and deeper into the mud.  After many attempts with different types of large machinery, Otis comes and saves the day. Little tough guy Otis who was put away shines and is the hero. And Otis and the little calf continue to sit by the apple tree watching the farm.

See more of Loren Long's books and also a new upcoming Otis book March 12th!  And Loren Long has prints for sale! YAY! I love it when children's book illustrators have prints!
Read books to your babies about friendship and the little guy overcoming the odds!
~Isobella & Phoenix

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