Thursday, February 28, 2013

Phoenix reads One Gorilla by Anthony Browne, this is a picture book in high definition, it's HD TV meets children's picture books!"

This is another one of our borrowing-books-from-the-library reads, I was so delighted to One Gorilla by Anthony Browne at the library since it was published so recently, in 2013 and is in bookstores right now on many displays of staff picks for picture books.

This is a picture book with high definition illustrations and my first thought was, "WOW! It's HD TV meets children's picture books!"

The illustrations are so vibrant, so detailed and beautiful. You should share this book with your baby ASAP, the colors will make your baby smile and their eyes will be so wide observing this counting book. It's like being in the wild with the animals.

You could say it's a "monkey counting book" but it's counting book of primates, gorilla, gibbons, lemurs,colobus monkeys, macaques, (<---opps, that one I'm sure I'm not saying properly) and you can easily make this book a color book as well and point out the colors of the animals too, so share with your baby because it also reminds us we are all connected as the author's illustrations show us that connection.

You'll be astounded by these "HD illustrations."

Read on!

~Isobella & Phoenix

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