Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Our latest library read is The Velveteen Rabbit

The library has lots of great picture books and story books for babies and kids of all ages, brand new books published in 2013 too. Get your baby a library card and start borrowing books weekly. We do!

We recently borrowed from the NYPL The Velveteen Rabbit, the classic story by Margery Williams, this edition is by Komako Sakai, an extremely popular author/illustrator in Japan, it's a heart touching story about a boy and his love for his stuffed animal rabbit which makes the rabbit believe he is real. The rabbit has a hard time fitting in with the nursery toys and one night when the boy can't find his regular favorite toy his nanny gives hiim the velveteen rabbit as backup, but the rabbit becomes the boy's favorite afterall. At the start, the rabbit has a hard time distinguishing what's real and he wants to be real, but later believes he really is real because the boy loves him and love is real.

Although we had a memorable time reading the book, a couple things stood out that I didn't like about it. The nanny was horrid, insensitive toward the rabbit and toys in general which was upsetting and I didn't like the part about how when the boy had a fever all his toys had to be burned and how much this scared the velveteen rabbit, thankfully magically he gets turned into a real-life bunny, of course there weren't detergents like there are today when the book was first published in 1922 and when kids got sick I imagine toys often did get burned or thrown out.

In the end the boy ends up seeing a real rabbit in the garden and thinks that it looks just like his stuffed animal he adored, and it is! :) awww.

Even though the book starts off on Christmas morning, it's a sweet bunny story and this is one of our Easter Read Suggestions.

~Isobella & Phoenix

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