Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Two beautiful books to add to your baby's bookshelf

Need a warm place to relax with your baby, head right for the bookstore. Sit right on down and grab some books to check out with your baby, that's what we do! Use it as an opportunity to check out new books and decide which you want to buy. I always pick books that I think will last while my baby grows, we can enjoy it now but also it will be a story we can share in a year or two and my baby will get something else out of it then.Be careful to watch your baby's curious hands, they might want to grab the page and until you own the book you won't want to rip a page! While you're at the bookstore there grab a coffee pick me up and a snack too.
We recently enjoyed reading Giraffes Can't Dance by Giles Andreae and illustrated by Guy Parker-Ress at Barnes and Noble on Fifth Avenue yesterday, it's message is aboutdc   ax finding your own song and listening to your own inner voice to gain confidence in yourself (whether you can dance or not). You and your baby will love the bright colors of the illustrations and how detailed they are, there's a lot of extra details to bring to the story, notice the flowers, the leaves and point to them and share the nature found in these beautiful illustrations with your baby as you read.

We also read The Mitten 20th Anniversary Edition written and illustrated by Jan Brett. I love these illustrations look like a folktale style.  Phoenix just recieved a pair of crocheted mittens from his grandma, and I enjoyed reading this book to him about a boy who's grandma knits him a pair of mittens. When the boy loses one of the mittens in the snow like his Grandma worried about animals of the forest discover the mitten and make a temporary home inside, a mole, rabbit, a badger, fox, even a large bear and others!
It's cute how the mitten shape on the side of the page tells us which animal is coming up next!
The mitten is obviously stretched when the boy finds the mittens and I loved the last page of Grandma curiously looking at the larger mitten and wondering, "what happened?"  Every lost thing has a story.
Read on!
Isobella & Phoenix

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