Friday, January 25, 2013

Phoenix read The Snowy Day today

There are bears like Pooh, Peter Rabbit, penguins, racoons, Little Critters, Cat in the Hat and many books with different animal characters, but also there are picture books with ethnically diverse main characters. Where are the Asian, Hispanic and African American children's book characters, you may wonder? Mmm. Well, they are out there, and I plan to feature more books that involve characters of many backgrounds.

Phoenix read The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats today!

I will be honest, I picked it up because I remembered reading it as a kid and also the character is African American and I want our at home library and Phoenix's warm, observant, perceptive eyes and bright mind to know and appreciate stories of all types that involve faces of all types. Although he's very little, it starts now, it already has begun: the understanding of human beings as being the same inside even if they look different than you on the outside. I want to introduce him to the diversity out there, I want him to be aware that although who a person is- is formed inside their soul, the skin that covers our souls comes in an array of colors and there are all types of people out there, with all different backgrounds, and THAT is a beautiful thing and is what makes our world and existence so incredible and great!

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