Friday, January 25, 2013

Phoenix read The Little Engine that Could yesterday, I think I can, I think I can!

Phoenix read The Little Engine that Could yesterday, we have the board book of this classic in the shape of a train, which is cute and it's fun to say to Phoenix look the train and go choo choo and travel the train the board book on his legs. The train shaped board book story is shorter than the original version, but you can get the full story as well (see below for links).
Our readers know we love board book sized books, perfect for little hands to hold and try giving your baby the book to hold whle watching him/her carefully, they will be bound to want to chew on the book first, but show them how to turn the pages and hold the book, I betcha they will with intrigue!
I love the simple but powerful message of trying something that at first might seem challenging, believing in yourself to do it, and not giving up. The Little Blue Engine doesn't think he can make it up the mountain but he wants to help the toys.
"I'm not very big. And I've never been over the mountain. But I will try."
As he makes it up the mountain the Little Blue Engine says to himself, "I think I can I think I can," and "thinking you can" leads to taking the steps of trying to accomplish it!
This is such a great mindset to have in life.
Self-belief is an important confidence building emotion to share with your baby or toddler, your child is never to young to start learning about having inner-strength and to believe in ones self, which carries through in all they experience.

Get the board book at and other editions.
Get this board book at
and the full edition.
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