Friday, January 11, 2013

Playtime is growing time for your baby or toddler

Phoenix has been burping himself the past few days, we are pretty happy about that. :) That's collectively 30 minutes or more of added 'writing my novel time' each day for me...well, maybe hehe I wish...

Phoenix has been playing really well with his new jumperoo! I put a blanket in the back to give his back and head extra support.

He loves jumping on my legs and he is really anxious to sit and loves to be pulled up to sit. I love how the jumperoo inspires Phoenix to grab the toys attached to it and I get excited watching him discover the way the toys work, and his arms push his body up and down and his legs jump around.

I hang Phoenix's develpmental toys from his jumperoo and bouncer. We love this developmental elephant toy by Eric Carl, and we also have the Lamaze Freddy the Firefly.

In the morning before we read and while we wake up I let Phoenix play with his Baby Einstein Count and Compose Piano, and he loves to hit the keys, usually I get to hear a good concert too! :)


Here's a video of the concert I get to hear each morning!

Even if your budget doesn't allow developmental toys (I wasn't raised on these luxeries) provide your child with books and soft stuffed animals or toys, and even plastic cups or basic blocks will allow your child to grab and grow. I show Phoenix how to hit the piano keys just like I showed him how to turn the pages of a book.

Hitting the pages of a book with their little hand will inspire them to turn the pages soon! The more you show your child how, the sooner they will feel inspired to tr, and express themselves along the way.

Here's Phoenix at the library laptime and some tummy time earlier this week. Although, I wish the library laptime involved more books instead of so many songs, and encouraged the reading aspect more but we go because it's another experience for Phoenix. The songs are cute for the babies to hear but I wish there was more ABC's sung or counting, something more than tick tock, tick, tock I hear the coo coo clock..coo coo.

Have fun this weekend, read and learn together and grow your babies minds!


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