Sunday, January 13, 2013

LUSH favorites for Moms to savor!

Moms you deserve it! Some YOU time!
I love pampering myself with LUSH products, I love their Angels on Bare Skin cleanser and recently I've been trying out their hair products. Here are some of my latest and body adventures with LUSH.

Last night I tried the Seanik solid shampoo and this was my first time using a solid shampoo and I liked it, it lathered very quickly in my hand and made great suds for my hair. I have LONG hair and I could go from root to tip with a few drags back and forth of the solid shampoo on my palm.

I also used the Big Solid Conditioner and for me this was harder to lather, but maybe it's because it was the first time the bar was being used. I was able to get enough lather to cover my hair but I still ached to poor some of my own bottle conditioner in too. Using just this based on my first try would be tough but I'm not giving up on it and will be using it again during my next showers over the next month because the bar is fat and wide and it will last.

LUSH has just launched some intriguing hair treatments and scalp treatments. I recently tried their Superbalm, I love the lavender smell too. Put on the scalp of hair, wait 20 mins and wash.

My #NewHairResolutions is to keep my hair long and healthy despite Phoenix always grabbing it :)

During Phoenix's bath last night I used a piece of the FUN blue bath bar (chamomile and lavender) mixed with Johnson's Baby Bath Head to Toe Baby Wash, it was a VERY bubbly time! :)

Also if you only have a few minutes try one of LUSH's face masks, they are AMAZING! You will become addicted to their masks!

Remember to save your black LUSH pots, collect 5 and get a free face mask!

Give yourself some YOU time to beautify, it's not about giving yourself a makeover, it's about giving some love to your naturally beautiful self.



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And Dad's can also savor the above too!


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