Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Phoenix read The Sneetches by Dr.Seuss

We are always reading Dr.Seuss books, they are just so fun to read.

How does that iPad taste honey? 

This is a great book about being not judgemental of others, as the Sneetches realize that fitting in shouldn't compromise who you really are and accepting each other creates a more exciting society.

If you read this from the iPad app enjoy touching the star-belly sneetches bellies and the word 'star' appears, which we thought was fun.

We love stars.

The Sneetches app is published by Oceanhouse Media, which I suggest downloading!

You can find this book for the iPad and the whole series of The Sneetches books on Amazon also in print here. Here is The Sneetches on Indie Bound and BN.com too.

Long live reading!

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