Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Share the beauty of the national parks with your baby: National Geographic Parks app for the iPad

Recently I downloaded the National Geographic Parks app for the iPad, I really love it because I can show Phoenix the beauty of the mountains, lakes, waterfalls, trees, flowers and much more found in the incredible landscapes of our country. Also there is info based on each park you can read to your baby.

Reading books is best, but there are many ways you can engage your baby and learning can take place everywhere and anywhere.

"Even if it's just ten minutes, it's still a solid ten minutes of one on one."~ My Mom

Spend time together, create a conversation, introduce your baby to the world through books, images and culture as much as you can. Reading and talking to your baby develops the brain, and the bond you share  while doing so is special! It is an investment to be a parent, a parent that is actively involved with their child's learning, but that is what being a parent is about, do some reading and discovering and open your baby's eyes.

It will benefit their lives later, babies are sponges, and if you don't talk to your baby for five years then he isn't going to have language skills!

Maybe you don't like reading your baby books, maybe you don't see the benefit, well you're wrong, you're home, your child's playspace should involve books. Baby reading laptime is so important to your little one's developement. Everything they are seing and hearing soaks into the baby's brain.

If you have an iPad use it for your baby's learning, read from your iPad and then at the library or book store grab the book, it's the circle of learning, the circle of books. From technology to the page.

The books you read (and the apps you share, like the National Geographic one) will grow with your baby, right now your baby loves hearing your voice and seeing the pretty photos and illustrations but as your baby grows your child will get more out of the app/book.

Today we were watching the Rose Bowl parade, the beautiful flowers are a great way to teach colors too!

Learn every day together!

~Isobella and Phoenix


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