Saturday, August 3, 2013

Goodnight sweet baby, a bedtime book for you to share: Meet me at the Moon

Sometimes we go to the library and just discover books. Pick a section and explore. The illustration of the elephants on the cover grabbed my attention. I shared this with Phoenix at naptime yesterday and it would be a perfect naptime or bedtime read to share with your baby or toddler.

Meet me at the Moon by Gianna Marino could be a sister book of The Kissing Hand. So if you liked The Kissing Hand get this one on your bookshelf too! A mother has to go on a journey to find water in the mountains and tells her little one to notice the Sun, The Wind and the Moon to feel her presence while she is away.

The illustrations are just as beautiful as the ones in The Kissing Hand and I'd love for them to become prints to buy to put in Phoenix's room.

Check out more of the author's work here:

Another reason why I liked this book: I LOVE the moon and looking at it and children's books that involve it.


Isobella & Phoenix

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