Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Summer reading for babies! What books have you been reading to your baby?

This summer we've been reading Brown, Bear Brown Bear What Do You See a lot, we love our new Animal Alphabet slide and view ABC book as a daily read, and recently we borrowed from the NYPL One Two Buckle My Shoe which was fun to read and now I sing that little song all the time to Phoenix.

Sing-a-long books are fun and easy to read to your baby with expression and enthusiasm. Keep in mind your baby loves your voice and the tone of voices you use helps to shape your babies understanding of emotions, expression and mood.

We will be recording more "this is how you read to your baby" sessions soon.

Here are some books we have been reading:

This morning before Phoenix's nap we read these two and usually I pick a couple books we haven't read in awhile to keep it interesting, for me too. Phoenix fell asleep while I was reading Star Seeker.

One Gorilla, a favorite, has beautiful illustrations of primates.
That's our new Owl from the Central Park Zoo

One of our library reads


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