Monday, July 1, 2013

A book from the Southwest: How Jackrabbit Got His Very Long Ears

During our trip to the Southwest we purchased a cute book called How Jackrabbit Got His Very Long Ears at Zoolikins, Arizona's Natural Parenting store.

This beautiful story by Heather Irbinskas and illustrated by Kenneth Spengler is about noticing the greatness in us all, and it starts with The Great Spirit creating the desert and the animals that would live there. Jackrabbit is nominated by The Great Spirit to being all the desert animals to their new home and share with them how their characteristics can help them survive in the desert. Although Jackrabbit didn't listen to what The Great Spirit said and put down the animals for being too slow, not able to fly as high or not being as smart as him. When The Great Spirit finds out about this he comforts the animals and lets them know they are special and how to use their characteristics to survive in the desert and The Great Spirit gives the Jackrabbit bigger ears so he can listen better.

Overall I loved the illustrations and thought the story was creative, heart touching and a good lesson about paying attention to the special things about us all great and small. I only wish the reader got to see the Jackrabbit say he was sorry or make amends with the animals of the desert that he put down, it would have been nice to show him using his ears to help others. 

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