Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Summer reading for babies! Yes it's true! Now get on that!

We were at the library today, getting back into our "library reads" features at the www.phoenixbabybookclub.blogspot.com and excited for it, I checked out the library summer reading program and did you know there is a program for babies, whoo hoo we have One, Two Buckle My Shoe on reserve :) http://summerreading.org/booklists.php#gb

Share with your baby a book each day and to stay excited choose books that YOU like as a parent and books of all types, they don't have to be strictly baby books.  Pick books that relate to what's going on in your world, ex: we just got a zoo membership so we are reading lots of animal books! Books that involve animal characters and real fiction based animal books too. :)

Phoenix getting down with nature at Bryce Canyon this summer.

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