Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Enjoying your own ride and having self belief as a person and parent

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Once upon a time on a cold winter day when it was supposed to be Spring three best friends met on top of a mountain: Squirrel went down the mountain on a pair of sticks as skis, whissshhh whoooeeee, Bear went down on a big ol' wood sled, bounce, bahhbounce, and Rabbit tumbled his way down body-sliding, thump thump thud. Each went their own way and enjoyed their own ride and shared the fun of it with each other at the bottom but no one said their way was the best, it was just the best for themselves and they enjoyed their ride again and again until the sun went down. That's how I feel about each of our lifestyles and embracing your own (and parenting styles), having faith and trust in yourself and it doesn't matter how your friend or another person gets down the mountain, do it your way, what's comfortable and enjoyable for you, others might judge or have opinions but it's your ride. So during this journey called life HAVE RIDE PRIDE! There's no need to compare or judge just embrace the way, your way. Also imagine if there wasn't Google to research the answer, no, you wouldn't go to yahoo, imagine yahoo gone too and all the etc., instead you would either go to your family traditions or you'd listen to your heart, you'd debate and think about it, you'd figure it out on your own, you'd find a way, hear your inner voice and do it your way. :)

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