Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Phoenix Baby Book Club Readings: a narration of The Very Hungry Caterpillar

We have a new series launching at the Phoenix Baby Book Club that involves children's book readings and narrations from the books we love to read. The series is meant to inspire parents and people who might not feel comfortable reading out loud to their baby or kids, or just want some inspiration on reading out loud. I'm not a super-duper know-it-all about reading to your baby, but I do know we really enjoy our reading sessions. Reading out loud does involve a certain type of enthusiasm and I hope while listening to some of our reading sessions parents that might be unsure of how to give a reading experience energy will feel inspired. You can listen to our first narration here of The Very Hungry Caterpillar or below. Also you will find tips on how to have a better reading experience with your baby.

And feel free to share your own children's book readings and narrations or photos of your baby and the book you're reading together, share them with us for a chance to be featured on the Phoenix Baby Book Club/ Tell us about your reading adventures on Twitter with the hashtag #bookswelovetoread @IsobellaJade

*While reading together remind your baby to look at the caterpillar by saying "Look, look at the caterpillar on the leaf,  or eating an apple, pear, etc."

*Practice reading the book as if you are sharing it with a friend, your voice doesn't need to be dramatic, just relaxed and casual but positive and energetic, if you mess up on a word, whatever, your baby will never know.

*It takes a certain silliness to get through parenthood and also reading to your baby. Loosen up and just like singing a song to your baby or playing peek-a-boo bring your silliness to the book and read it with curious wonder and a fun and upbeat style. You are reading with your baby, it's a new experience for both of you so approach the book like it's something to discover, the story awaits.

*Keep the story going. In the book your baby will learn about different fruits, but also there is a counting element you can also include while you read.

*Share everything on the page with your baby, the story mentions the moon so be sure to point to the moon and say "moon" again to your baby, along with leaf and the sun.

*Your baby's reading experience should involve repetition, babies love repetition and certain words will make your baby giggle also, so after you read it, repeat it, keep sharing what the caterpillar is doing.

*Bring energy and enthusiasm (but not too dramatic) to your reading, it might just be a caterpillar crawling on the dirt and eating through food, but to your baby it's a new world to discover and the colors and words are interesting. Your baby is paying attention to the emotion in your voice so bring emotion to the word or sentence!

There's a moment as a parent when it hits you that you're baby can hear you and responds to your voice. That you're not just talking to your husband in the livingroom but there's a third party in the room looking at you, taking it all in and curious. From in the womb, the tone of your voice is the first example of verbal communication of emotions for your baby. Reading is a way to share emotions, share compassion and wonder, and how big and how small this beautiful world is.

Spread the love of books around.

~Isobella & Phoenix

Want more of The Very Hungry Caterpillar:

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