Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A reading session with three very different children's books

Phoenix, five and half months, with the books we read during our reading session

A diaper change at Barnes and Noble became a reading session before Mommy and Baby yoga.

I wasn't ever really interested in the book I Want My Hat Back by Jon Klassen and I'm still not so sure about this book, but I gave it a chance today. The cover looks unappealing, like a blah Bear, not that exciting, it's just of a Bear-like figure that wants his hat back. Okay, so the Bear asks all the animals he encounters in a polite manner if they've seen his hat, I thought it was a nice touch for the book to show manners when asking for something, asking questions about something you need or interacting with someone while searching for something you lost. The Bear runs into the only animal, a rabbit, with a hat on but the Bear doesn't distinguish it's his. Until later when he meets the deer and remembers the rabbit had his hat on. OMG?? like DUUHHH? Anyways, I was okay with the book until the end when the Bear becomes a total jerk (or asshole if kids aren't around), if you pick up the book at the bookstore you'll see how he starts telling a squirel to leave him alone and not to ask him questions and I found this to be a shitty ending.

Inside My Imagination by Marta Arteaga and illustrated by Zuzanna Celej really caught my heart today.  First I loved the cover with the fall foliage and the door in the tree. Next, the book was all about creative thoughts, based on the story a girl writes one day and she "breathed in one of the words and something magical happened" but really using your imagination isn't surreal, it's real I found it clever how we followed the girl traveling through her imagination and sharing with us all she thinks. Sounds deep right? Well it is and that's okay, you and your baby or child of any age can handle it, it's really so beautiful and I loved the dream-like illustrations and all she imagines collaged together. It can inspire your child to use their creative side and turn their right-brain on!

The Monster's Monster by Patrick McDonnell suprised me, the cover was a little dopey, halloween-ish too, I wasn't sure what to expect but quickly Phoenix really liked it or maybe it was the fun sounds I was making while reading of being BIG and BAD that caught his attention. This is a story about realizing that when you stop trying to be a sterotype (or a monster) or expecting someone else to be a certain way (like the expectations of the monster the monster's created) and you just relax you then discover the real you. Well that's what I got from it. The little rug rat monsters are set on being the Biggest Baddest Monsters Ever! But when they create their own  Big and Bad Monster, it turns out he is nice and has manners, saying thank you and being friendly. In a sweet and simple way the Monster's Monster helps the little rug rat monsters chill with trying so hard at being bad and to just appreciate the moment and let all inner aggression go, along with teaching them the words: thank you.

We liked Patrick McDonnell's Gift of Nothing too.

Create your own story time adventures anytime, we usually have a book in our stroller basket too so we can scoot into a cafe or coffee shop and have some mommy and me reading time.

Grab a book it only takes a few minutes to make a book memory and find an advenure!

~Isobella & Phoenix

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