Monday, March 25, 2013

Five books for the Easter Basket

The PBBC book picks that would be thoughtful and perfect to put in your baby or toddlers Easter basket, and even read throughout the year.

The Tale of Peter Rabbit, it's not based on Easter but it's a delightful book baby boys and girls and I like the board book size to fit in little hands.

Clifford's Happy Easter, I'm getting into the Clifford series and love the lessons and good spirited stories about acceptance and helping for others.

Ollie's Easter Eggs, I'm also getting into the Ollie series, they are quick reads and have lessons of friendship, sharing, patience, and this one is based on dying Easter eggs.

The Runaway Bunny, not screaming Easter but it's an adorable book about love and family, which is perfect for the holiday and year round.

Duck and Goose, Here comes Easter, this is a fun Easter read to introduce the series to your baby and keep in mind there are also many other cute and colorful Duck and Goose books about friendship and kindness to share year round with your little one.


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