Friday, March 8, 2013

At the Kids at Work music class babies work their musical and creative spirit!

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Yesterday we had a blast at a Kids at Work music class, this is way more than a typical just shake shakers music class. The boutique-style, friendly and warm, upbeat and positive energy we got from the Baby Jam Session yesterday was such a highlight of our day, and week!

This was the first time Phoenix had seen a guitar playing live right in front of him and he was playful and happy the whole time while listening to Julie and Gordon sing and create such a fun and creative music learning space.

We loved Julie's beautiful voice singing You are my Sunshine and it's sweet how the class starts and ends with a hello and good bye song that includes all the names of the kids in the class.We heard songs we knew and also new songs, which is extra fun. 

One of my favorite parts, and I think Phoenix's too, was the parachute! The babies could touch it and pull on it and even chew on it...there was more...they got real stimulation from the flowing, rhythmic movement of the parachute when the adults moved it (and the babies moved the parachute too!) and we loved when it went fast and then slow and flew above and then whisked away.

Phoenix got to play drums and during the jam session really was active playing with all the instruments for kids. Every baby was in tune with the class, absorbed and happy, happy!

What I especially love about Kids at Work is the Drop-In Style. There isn't a commitment to one class or one day or time, you can go when you want and I like this because life for us is unpredictable and I'm all about mixing schedule flexibility and fun!

Make sure your baby's music class involves more than a tape player playing a song and just shaking shakers, if there isn't a real piano or guitar then it isn't up to par, at Kids at Work these babies are working their musical and creative spirit, that's for sure!

We are planning for this to be a regular thing!

We are signing up!

Isobella & Phoenix

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