Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Phoenix and I read Strega Nona by Tomie de Paola

My favorite witch of all time! Strega Nona "which meant "Grandma Witch"" is a wonderful book by Tomie de Paola about a magic pasta pot, but you better know the last few words of the spell, or else the pasta won't stop!

Phoenix loved it whenever I said the words "pasta pot"  and giggled so hard, which meant I said "pasta pot" many more times than the book read because I love his giggle so much!

Tomie de Paola's charming illustrations have an italian style with lots of round shapes that welcome you in like a warm hug before a good meal and leave you hungry for more! 

Strega Nona's helper Big Anthony is told to stay away from the pasta pot, and when Strega Nona goes on a trip Big Anthony discovers the consequences of not listening to Grandma Witch!

Parts of this book reminded me of Fantasia and Micky Mouse as the apprentice of the sorcerer and the broomsticks multiplying and water overflowing!

Check out the other books of Tomie de Paola too.

Love it every time!

Isobella & Phoenix

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