Thursday, March 14, 2013

This weeks library reads for baby story time

Today I read Jack and the Beanstalk to Phoenix, was thinking the movie is coming out maybe this will be fun, but then regretted it because this book is about stealing! Sick of picking up books with a bad message, there are so many terrible books out there. It’s so annoying to read them as a parent and see a different perspective. And TV and movies. We watched Pinocchio the other day and it's about wishing on a star and not lying but also Pinocchio drinks beer and smokes a cigar! Opps forgot about that part. Well, I don’t believe fully in monkey see monkey do, especially if your kids is raised with morals and is a caring person.  For some reason I thought Jack and the Beanstalk was an inspiring tale, but I felt weird saying to Phoenix "I smell the blood of an Englishman," although luckily he seemed more amused with this vtech-walker toy but I know his ears are always listening. After we read it once it went straight back to the library.
We also borrowed from the library Bats at the Ballgame by Brian Lies which could be a friend of the book Nightsong by Ari Beck and it's about the night baseball adventures of bats and the beautiful illustrations caught my attention, so detailed, coverful, alive and if you are a baseball fan then youl'l like the baseball lingo thrown in and the creative bat baseball song and mothdogs.

A Good Day's Fishing by James Prosek grabbed my attention because of the beautiful pen and painted illustrations. The book goes through a boy's tackle box and what's inside as he shares with us the secret for a good day's fishing. We really liked reading it and learned a lot of fishing language and different types of fish, which was fun to share with Phoenix and I learned a lot too. If you are intriued with the fishing lifestyle you'll enjoy the lure and fly glossary at the back of the book. Check out James Prosek's other fish books! 

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