Monday, March 4, 2013

Phoenix visits the Kid Food Fest this weekend

We had fun at the Kids Food Fest this weekend! It was pretty cold out, I wish the sun had come out, and we didn't get to stay for too long :( but we still had a good time.
I took special notice of the boarch book The Creative Kitchen has published, it's a lunchbox-shaped children's book called Everybody Eat Lunch a about eating healthy and foods from different cultures too. Check out The Creative Kitchen's cooking classes for kids!

Phoenix checks out 's diapers at the diaper station at the
We also saw one of our favorite toy stores there, Piccolini, based in Little Italy, we bought books and a couple toys for Phoenix there before he was born.
We picked up their Hot Dog and Pretzel onesie for Phoenix to rock all Spring and Summer!
I love the soft organic cotton too!
*Made in the USA
* A portion of the profits will go toward Sandy Relief
We also enjoyed samples and learning more about Plum Organics and their great products for kids, tots and babies, Phoenix will be trying Plum's peas soon, and my husband and I liked sampling their Jammy Sammy's for kids which are kind of like a fig newton, on the way home my husband and I were already enjoying our Honest organic juices too.
The Kids Food Festival will be in Washington D.C Fall 2013.
 ~Isobella & Phoenix

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