Thursday, June 13, 2013

WHAT ARE THESE PUBLISHERS THINKING? 3 children's books I won't read to my baby anytime soon

Grrrrr. I was at Barnes and Noble yesterday and saw these 2 books I will not be reading to Phoenix. I just don't understand what inspires these books to be published? I get it, parents would like the sarcasm, but to me it seems like most kids would be scared after their parents read them these books, at least until they are, um, I'd say like eight or nine or ten years old or so, or...never.

I'd Really Like to Eat a what if there was a book I'd Really Like to Kill an Alligator.

What's for dinner? Monsters Eat Whiny Children, this book is full of sarcasm and it does have a Tim Burton vibe I can appreciate but it's not something to share with a younger child. Maybe get it for a parent-friend who is stressed out over parenting or something.

Mmm books about eating your kids, mmm kind of humorous but more like, no thanks.

Also, we love reading Eric Carle's The Very Hungry Caterpillar but at the book store I flipped through The Very Busy Spider and put it right back on the shelf only a few pages in, it upsets me, why does the Spider totally ignore the animals on the farm when they want to play with her, why doesn't she just say I'm busy right now but we can play later. Why does this book encourage to ignore people when they talk to you when you are busy? A kind reply would have been nice.

I will be adding more children's books I will not be reading to my baby in the near future. Yes, suppose I could grab my Sharpie and go at The Very Busy Spider like I did with The Giving Tree, and maybe I will.

Be a picky parent when it comes to the books you share with your child, we get to influence our babies for only a short time but this short time can inspire a lifetime of reading and lessons learned of acts of kindness.


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