Friday, June 7, 2013

The Uppababy G-Luxe is a keeper

Tried out our UPPAbaby G-Luxe yesterday, it's a keeper, besides that Phoenix threw his bottle and lost a sock (last I knew he was eating it and I guess ripped it off and flicked it on the street) but it was a smooth ride, up curbs and all. Will be good for trips around neighborhood but does kind of feel like, "there's the world in your face kid," not the type of protection the Britax b-agile provides, but this is a handy dandy lightweight umbrella type stroller that I feel Phoenix will cruising in well. Prob will be good summer time stroller for us. By the way I hunt daily for bottles on the street, it's like it's an Easter Egg hunt, I walked back 3 blocks to chase down that sock today, a man on his bike was parking next to it and he just about rolled over it but I snatched it up cause I love those socks!

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