Thursday, September 19, 2013

Without books how do you get your kids to bed?

WTHECK!  Only "one in three parents (33 percent) read bedtime stories daily with their children" ! SAD :( I get it when your kids are old enough to read to themselves and support a calm down and read and get ready for bed time plan. Playing games on your phone only keeps you up, I know this because my husband does it and it doesn't relax the mind...or ease our energy.   How do these parents get their babies, toddlers and kids to sleep, for us the book is like what we do, Phoenix just under a year hands us the book to read to him already, he wants the book.

Sad that parents aren't having these precious moments and memories with their kids...reading is more than words and pictures, it's an important bonding time and kids really love that closeness that happens when snuggled with a book and their parent/s.

Isobella & Phoenix

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