Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Two new children's books with leaves for fall 2013 to add to our bookshelf

Oh yes, I let my baby run through the leaves, why not. CRUNCH CRUNCH, leaves make such a fun sound. I grew up jumping and playing in the leaves and lately we've been using the words: Leaf and Leaves on a daily bases. I look forward to sharing the changing leaves and the pretty colors of fall soon, I love the fall landscapes of yellows, orange and maroons. On a recent trip to Barnes and Noble I recently picked up Leaves by David Ezra Stein, with Phoenix running all around I only had a few seconds to flip through it but I liked the illustrations and the bear element reminded me of The Bear Snores On (one of our constant bedtime reads) since the bear hibernates after seeing the leaves fall. This board book is a quick read before naptime or bedtime and has a sweet drifting to sleep like the leaves drifting off the trees vibe and then welcoming spring after the long winter. My favorite part: When the bear tries to put the yellow and red leaves back on the tree but it doesn't work and is sad for a moment but gets savvy and uses the leaves for his cave. It's sweet when we see other animals passing by the bears cave and they notice a peek of the leaves, or don't because of the snow. You'll like how the bear celebrates the leaves and it's a sweet book to share with your baby about the changing seasons.

(Phoenix opening Leaves by David Ezra Stein)

We also recently received the book Leaf by Stephen Michael King, and I'm still figuring it out but enjoying this book for it's innocence and meaning of the leaf. It's a book without words, the pictures tell the story or more like you (the reader) creates the words. The story starts off with the boys mother wanting to cut his hair and he runs outside, as if saying "Noooo!" Outside he plays with his dog and a bird poops on him, well I that what I thought at first but then I thought maybe it was a stone, a pebble or something that PLOPS on the boys head and a leaf appears, growing out of his head.

Perhaps the boy is trying to water the leaf and have it grow and he takes his dog on an adventure trying to get wet. Or maybe they are just really enjoying the rain and water and love getting all soaked! He has a scary dream about other plants hurting the leaf on his head and big clippers coming at his head and wakes up and plays some more but finally accepts his mother's clippers and let's her cut off all his hair.

It was sad when the boy's hair is all cut off, I'm thinking WHY while reading this to Phoenix, is his mom THAT mean? Does he have Cancer? What? Why all the hair gone! But I smiled when the boy uses the hair that was cuff off to create a nest for the leaf that he plants in the ground and it becomes a big tree and we see the boy through the ages, like The Giving Tree.

~Isobella & Phoenix

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