Saturday, April 13, 2013

Phoenix and I read Corduroy this morning

Corduroy by Don Freeman is one of our recent library reads and this morning we both enjoyed the sweet story of a bear in a department store searching for his missing button. I especially loved that the girl, Lisa, who ends up buying Corduroy despite his lost button and imperfection, was of darker skin and the book shows character diversity. The girl also represents spending your money on something you REALLY want when she uses her piggy bank money to purchase Corduroy, she lives in a fourth floor want up and has a small bedroom and money is prob tight at times, (I used to live in a fifth floor walk up in Astoria, so I know what that's like) and I'm sure Lisa will treasure Corduroy for always. I regret not reading this to Phoenix sooner and will be purchasing it for him soon.

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