Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Library reads: It's Wild!

We love the library, and borrowing books, recently we picked up 3 awesome books. The library is a great place to discover new books to share with your baby and decide which you would like to buy at the bookstore and add to your bookshelf at home.

(Phoenix is wearing a Calvin Klein onesie.)
Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak, a classic and I enjoyed reading this to Phoenix as a story with a male lead character, Max, who gets in trouble and is sent to his room, goes on an adventure in his imagination but finds that being loved and being home and a good boy is best (well, that's what I think Max learned although he was sassy and wanted to boss around the Wild Things and was a little bratty), we also borrowed L,M,N,O Peas by Keith Baker shares the lifestyle and careers of the society of peas through the alphabet, it's a nice book to remind kids that A doesn't just stand for Apple but also for "arcobat, artists and astronaunts." We also borrowed a sweet Penguin Poetry book called Antarctic Antics by Judy Sierra and Illustated by Jose Aruego & Arine Dewey, filled with quick and fun poems about penguins you can read the whole book or pick a poem each day to share with your baby.

(Phoenix is wearing his Kenneth Cole Baby get-up, it has a vest that goes with it too)

Does your baby have a library card? Phoenix has one and we hope you get your baby one too!

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